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Reach over 330,000 drivers across Europe.

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Faites de la publicité mobile avec Truckfly, l'application préférée des conducteurs routiers !

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Advertising with Truckfly

Right audience.
Right place.
Right moment.


Interstitial ads

Interstitial ads are full-screen ads displayed when the driver opens his app.

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Banner ads

Banner ads are like digital billboards. They are shown when a driver clicks a destination he's interested in.

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Geotargeted popin

Popin shown when the driver opens his application in a specific geographical area.

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Surveys are displayed when the driver opens his app.

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Articles are dislayed in a dedicated tab and are pinned at the top of the newsfeed because we know it pays to be high on the list.

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What our customers are saying

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John Carter

- VP of Marketing at Webflow


Can you help us to create our ad sets?

We're always happy to help!
We'll be able to share examples and give you advices about how to catch a truck driver's attention!

We're an advertising sales agency, can we contact you?

Of course! We're used to work on a regular basis with advertising sales agencies.

Is it possible to advertise internationally?

Yes. Our service is available in 44 different countries.

Is it possible to advertise nationaly?


Is it possible to advertise within a specific geographical area?

The geotargeted popin allows a very precise targeting anywere across the 44 countries where our service is available.

Ready to reach truck drivers?

Truckfly by Michelin is the biggest truck drivers mobile application across Europe. Engage with them thanks to our ads experiences.